Hi all,

Mike McGovern from Long Island New York here. I am compiling a list of Family nick-names. There are so many branches of the McGovern, Dolan, Smith, and other families that each branch was given a nickname. My father's father's side, the Michael McGovern's from the townland of Derrylahan became the VICKY (Mickey) McGOVERN'S. My father's mother's side, Felix McGovern's from the townland of Corneenflynn, became known as the FEILY (Felix) McGoverns. Other Glangevlin McGovern nick-names are the OINEY'S, PAT TERRY'S, FOXY'S, JAMES VITTY'S, etc. My mother's Dolan family from the Dowra townland of Tullinafreave are known as the FODGIE DOLAN's.
If you have a family nick-name, send it to my e-mail, or post it here. Also include its townland, the person that the nick-name is named after, and a modern day member of that nick-name (like yourself or other person). I am
making a MICROSOFT EXCEL spread-sheet with this data, and will send you a copy of the list, along with future updates. My e-mail is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Thanks and regards, Mike McGovern

Welcome to Glangevlin.Com.  Glangevlin, locally referred to as 'Glan', is a small village located between the Cuilcagh Mountains in North West Cavan.  This website endeavours to bring you the history of the area and it's people and locations that may be of interest to you. 

Glangevlin and it's surrounding areas has been home to many for centuries.  Over this time the history of Glangevlin has changed may times.  We hope to give you a flavour of this history.  Many families have lived and continue to live in the area.  Some of the most prominent families that have lived in the area are:

  • Bird
  • Farrelly
  • McGrath
  • Mullen
  • Cassidy
  • Flannagan
  • McGuire
  • O'Hara
  • Curry
  • McCauley
  • McHugh
  • Shannon
  • DeLacy
  • McGee
  • McKiernan
  • Sheridan
  • Dolan
  • McGoldrick
  • McLoughlin
  • Reilly
  • Fitzpatrick
  • McGovern
  • McManus


The longest river is Ireland rises in the Cuilcagh Mountains, located in the lower part of the parish of Glangevlin, at the Shannon Pot. It's history and photos of the Shannon Pot and surrounding area are located in the Sites Of Interest section of the website.

When you travel the road to Glan from Bawnboy, Swalinbar or Ballinamore, you pass a rock formation along the road at Altachullion.  This formation is locally known as 'Maguire's Chair' and a brief history is outlined in our 'Sites Of Interest' section.

We also give you a brief history of the Tullydermot Waterfall, which is located on the Swanlinbar to Glangevlin road ('Sites Of Interest).

The McGovern's who have lived and ruled the area (and surrounding areas) for centuries originated from Glangevlin and much history has followed this family name.  The famous King Arthur is believed to be a descendent of the McGovern clan.  We also look at the history of the McGovern name.  We bring you an article that was published in a Cavan newspaper in 1989, the Cavan Leader, which shows a photo of all the McGovern students attending Bawnboy Secondary School at that time.  (History Section). 

We take a quick look at one of Glangevlin's sons, Peter McGovern, who emigrated to the U.S. to become one of the founding members of the Transport Workers Union (T.W.U.), one of the largest trade unions in the USA. (History Section

With assistance from the staff of Enniskillen Library, we bring you the tragic story of the MacMahon family who lost their lives in 1979 when their light aircraft crashed into the Cuilcagh Mountains, that overlook Glangevlin.  They were on their way to see the Pope's farewell in Shannon when tragedy struck (History Section).

We look at the history of Glangevlin Post office from the 1800s to present day. (History Section)

We take a look back to one of the greatest tragedies of County Cavan, when on the night of the 23rd February 1943 a fire in a Cavan orphanage resulted in the deaths of 36 people (35 children and 1 elderly lady).  This includes photos of the present day convent and it's church. (History Section)

Glangevlin has been home to some great songwriters, singers and musicians over the years.  It has also been the subject of many a song.  In the 'Songs Of Glan' section we give you a flavour of this history.

Pat 'Mickey Oiney' McGovern, a native of Glangevlin who now resides in County Meath, gives you a taste of his poems that we know you will enjoy (Poetry of Glan Section).

Glan is also home to the "cheapest pub in Ireland" (History Section), which is another good reason to not just read about Glangevlin, but also to visit it.

We've also included a discussion forum for questions and discussions to take place.

Recently, we've included links below, for local weather reports and the local Cavan weekly newspaper, the Cavan Echo.

It is hoped that the site will continue to grow over time offering both events of the past, present and future, pertaining to the area.