A new chapter in the history of the once Parochial House, Glangevlin has taken place.  We believe it has been recently purchased by a Scottish family and wish them all the best with it.  We received a beautiful email from Ann McKenna.  After just speaking with her aunt Maggie McGovern,  she has found out that her Great Grandmother's Cousin, Pat McGovern, bought and donated the building to the parish many year ago in memory of his mother and father..

Pat went to America at the tender age of 7. He started out as a shoe Shine boy and ended up being the Largest Stock Holder for Hartford Insurance and also became a US Senator, Senator Pat McGovern. Ann's aunt, Maggie, remembers him coming home when she was little with a chauffeur. She thought the chauffeur was the 'rich man" with the uniform and buttons. He did not have any children and left his fortune to a girl's school in Hartford.

Thanks again to both Ann McKenna and her Aunt Maggie McGovern for sharing this with us.

Click here for newspaper article reporting Pat's Death in 1941.