Names Of Townlands


Glangevlin The forked glen
Altnasheen           Alt na Sian, the gorge or gully of the fairies

Alt Sealain, gorge of the water channel

Bellavally              Beal an Bhealaigh, mouth or gorge of the road or pass
Bursan  Supposed to be an English word
Carnamaclean McCleans cairn or burial mound
Carrick West An Gharraig Thiar - the West Rock


Copanagh Ban - a place abounding in dock (white)


Cuppanagh Mor - a place abounding in dock f (great)


Coirnin Ui Fhlionn, Flynn's little nook


Corr na Cloiche, hill of the stone

Corratawy Corr an tSamraidh, hill of the sorrell
Crea Criadh, soil or clay
Curraghglass Currach Glas, the green moor
Curraghvah Currach Bheathach, moor of the birches
Derrylahan Doire Leathan, the wide oak grove
Derrynananta                Doire na Neannta, the oakwood of the nettles
Derrynataun Doirin an tSuain, little oakwood of the sleep
Drumhurrin Drom Shoirn, hill ridge of the kiln or furnace
Dunmakeever Dun Mac Iomhair, McKeever's fort
Esvaugh Ais Bheathach, the marsh of the birches


Rough gorge or gully


Gabhla road or river forks. The Shannon joins the Abha Mhor


Gob, a snout or point of land
Knockgorm Cnoc gorm, the blue hill

Leath Toin, half bottom or butt of a hill

Legatraghta Log an tSneachta, the hollow of the snow
Legglass Log Glas, the green hollow
Legnaderk Log na Dearca, hollow of the pit or cave
Legnagrow Log na gCno, the hollow of the nuts
Moneenabrone Moinin na Bron, the little bog of the quern
Moneensauran Moinin Samhrain, Samhran's little bog
Mullaghlea Mullach Liath, grey hill summit
Mully Lower Mullach lochtar, the hill summit (lower)

Tonanilt/ Towney

Tamnaigh, bottom or lower part of the alt. Tamhnaigh-a green field

Tullycrofton Tulach Chrofton, Crofton's Hill
Tullynacleigh Tulach na Cloiche, the hill of the stone
Tullynacross Tulach na Croise, the hill of the cross

Tully minister

Tulach na Mainistreach, hill of the monastery. Tulaigh an Mhinistir, hill of the parson or minister
Tullytiernan Tulaigh Thiarnain, Tiernan's Hill